We believe at CURE-NY when working with other coalitions no element of the effort taken can be contrary to any of CURE’s position as a whole or serve to promote another coalitions broader agenda as a whole. To maintain the integrity of our beliefs and mission as an organization, we must divert from other reform movements currently in place. 

Often reformers focus on the wording of the statute regarding “serious nature of the crime” as many Board decisions are modeled using the language of the NYS statute. We understand this factor is something which cannot be changed due to the necessity of citing the facts of the instant offense and one’s criminal history. We at CURE-NY believe a more viable solution is to examine the statute used by Corrections and Parole in comparison to other NYS criminal justice policies.

Citizens united for the rehabilitation of errants

CURE New York is a Chapter of International CURE, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (C.U.R.E.) was founded in 1972 by Charles and Pauline Sullivan in San Antonio, Texas as a membership organization of families of prisoners, prisoners, former prisoners, and other concerned citizens who work to reduce crime through criminal justice reform. In 1985, the Sullivans moved their headquarters to Washington D.C. and established National C.U.R.E. There is currently a C.U.R.E. chapter in almost every state.

History of CURE

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CURE New York Mission Defined

CURE-NY is a chapter of CURE-National, whose headquarters are in Washington, DC.  There are currently CURE chapters in 40 states, following the constitution and direction of CURE-National.

We do not condone crime, but seek measured justice combined with healing for victims as well as offenders.  We work for anti-crime measures that will save human-resources and taxpayer money, both in New York and nationally.

 CURE-NY recognizes that today’s incarcerated are tomorrow’s neighbors. We therefore work to improve the productivity and civility of inmates, including the increased use of prisons for education, training, treatment, and general rehabilitation.  We work to strengthen family bonds of those incarcerated, as families are the core of a civil society.

CURE-NY works to educate the public, public officials, and interested organizations regarding the best options available in issues that have an impact on the criminal justice and socialization systems.  We also work to mobilize public opinion in favor of needed reforms of the criminal justice system, so as to achieve its crime-reduction, rehabilitation, and civilization goals.

We are deeply troubled especially in light of the current events in society surrounding law enforcement and the political agenda of the PBA and other interest groups having an undue influence over Parole Board members due to the backlash of releasing certain offenders. 

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Possible Solutions To The Broken Criminal Justice System